Euastrum denticulatum. Cell in frontal view. Notice trapeziform semicells, each provided with two basal lobes, two lateral lobes and an apical lobe that is marked by a rather deep, narrow, median notch.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 24 x 20 µm

Cell of Eu. denticulatum in lateral view. Notice prominent central inflation of the semicells.



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July 2019

Euastrum denticulatum

Eu. denticulatum is a small-sized Euastrum species the trapeziform semicells of which could be confused with those of Eu. dubium. As compared to that latter species, cells of Eu. denticulatum are characterized by a somewhat lower length to breadth ratio and their lobules are denticulate at the margin versus about entire in Eu. dubium. Semicells are marked by a central inflation furnished with a variable pattern of granules: usually a whorl of some five granules with two adjacent granules just above the isthmus. In the Netherlands, Eu. denticulatum is of occasional occurrence in slightly acidic, meso-oligotrophic water bodies.

Another cell of Eu. denticulatum in frontal view. Notice denticulations at the margins.

Empty cell of Eu. denticulatum showing pattern of central cell wall ornamentation consisting of a whorl of five granules and two adjacent granules just near the isthmus.

SEM-image of Euastrum denticulatum
Image © Jan Šťastný

SEM-image of Euastrum denticulatum