Cosmarium meneghinii. Notice that cell is slightly longer than broad, made up of 6-undulate semicells.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 18 x 14 µm



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August 2021

Cosmarium meneghinii

C. meneghinii is a small-sized Cosmarium species a bit resembling C. regnellii. From that latter species it differs by a slightly higher cell length to breadth ratio and much narrower, distinctly concave apices resulting in semicells with a 6-undulate outline. Cell wall is without ornamentation but not perfectly smooth for provided with scrobiculae. Like C. regnellii, C. meneghinii may be encountered in a wide range of meso-eutrophic habitats.

↓Bloom of C. meneginiii in a eutrophic pool. Image © Paul Wouters
Image © Paul Wouters

Image @ Marien van Westen

SEM picture of C. meneghinii. Notice scrobiculate cell wall.