Closterium nematodes var. proboscideum. Notice evenly arched cell with slightly dilated poles.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 330 x 30 µm

Another cell of Cl. nematodes var. proboscideum showing cell wall thickening in the lance-shaped poles.




Desmid of the month
June 2018

Closterium nematodes

 Closterium nematodes is a characteristic species, easily to be recognized in that its cell poles are somewhat lance-shaped dilated with thickened cell wall. Cells are rather strongly and evenly arched and the brownish cell wall is distinctly striate. The feature of the dilated cell pole is particularly developed in the nominate variety, more or less reduced in variety proboscideum. In the Netherlands, the nominate variety of Cl. nematodes is unknown, var. proboscideum was found only a very few times in mesotrophic moorland pools.

Cl. nematodes var. proboscideum. Detail of subapical annular swelling of the cell wall and terminal vacuole holding a single, big crystal (of barium sulphate).

Cl. nematodes var. proboscideum. Notice striate cell wall.