Actinotaenium curtum
Image © Alfred van Geest

Cell of Actinotaenium curtum. Notice a shallow sinus and semicells that gradually attenuate from that sinus towards the poles. 

Cell dimensions (L x B): 48 x 22 µm



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August 2012

Actinotaenium curtum

Among the species of the genus Actinotaenium, A. curtum can be readily recognized by its medium-sized, somewhat fusiform cells consisting of semicells that gradually attenuate from the cell sinus towards the narrowly rounded poles. Often, in optical section of the cell wall a distinct apical pit is to be seen. Like most species of this genus A. curtum has a semi-atmophytic way of life, being particularly found in ephemeral puddles and on wet substrates. In the Netherlands it is only incidentally encountered.

dead, almost empty cell
mouse over images © Alfred van Geest

Dead, almost empty cell of Actinotaenium curtum. Notice scattered, fine cell wall pores and deep apical pit.

act curtum, stelloid chloroplastImage © Koos Meesters

A couple of cells of A. curtum. Notice stelloid chloroplasts.

Actinotaenium curtum, SEM pictureImage © Jan Šťastný (after Czech material)

SEM picture of A. curtum. Notice scattered, fine cell wall pores.