Desmid of the month
January 2022

Closterium baillyanum

Cl. baillyanum is marked by slightly curved to almost straight cells, in the midregion with parallel margins, towards the poles slightly attenuating. Apices are broadly truncate and often a bit recurved. Cell wall is without girdle bands and longitudinal striation. At higher magnification irregular punctation of the wall can be observed, particularly at the poles that usually are brownishly coloured. In the Netherlands, Closterium baillyanum is of occasional occurrence in mesotrophic pools and fen hollows.

Closterium baillyanum. Notice slightly curved cell with broadly truncate apices. Cell wall without girdle bands.

Cell dimensions (L x B): 360 x 30 µm

Cl. baillyanum, detail of cell end. Notice brownishly coloured, somewhat recurved apex.

Cl. baillyanum, apex of empty cell. Notice irregular punctation of the wall.









Cl. baillyanum. A more slender cell form that could be attributed its var. alpinum.