Gonatozygon aculeatum. Cell wall furnished with delicate spines. Notice more or less club-shaped cell ends.

Cell dimensions (L x B): ca 110 x 10 µm



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February 2021

Gonatozygon aculeatum

Gonatozygon aculeatum resembles G. monotaenium. The most striking difference is in cell wall ornamentation: granulate in G. monotaenium, spinous in G. aculeatum. According to Růžička’s 1977 flora, however, the main difference would be in the shape of the cell apex. Whereas the cell end in G. monotaenium is spatulate in shape (greatest width at the very apex), that in G. aculeatum is rather club-shaped (greatest width just before the apex). In practise, however, that difference is not always quite clear. In the Netherlands, Gonatozygon aculeatum is of incidental occurrence in slightly acidic, mesotrophic pools.

Two other cells of Gonatozygon aculeatum. Notice that spines are variably long and irregularly placed.

SEM picure of Gonatozygon aculeatum